Real Estate Photography

*  Aerial photos, aerial videos, virtual tours;  packages starting at $100 for 10 photos.

*  Interior/exterior photos using DSLR;  $100 for standard size home.

*  Combine both for $180.

About me:

A small local business on the Jersey Shore-LBI.  Owned and operated by a retired FBI agent and former USMC pilot. Over 30 years experience in commercial flying and law enforcement aviation operations. I have received formal photography training in law enforcement operations and conducted numerous field photography operations.  As a NJ licensed real estate agent working with The L&L Team of BHHS Zackshore Realtors, I understand the importance of quality photos to sell your listings; The L&L Team has over 30 years of combined real estate experience.  I am fully licensed, insured, and registered with the local authorities. I am able to provide immediate and attentive response to the local market.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.  Contact "Villipilot" to make your listings pop.